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The TBCI was founded by the late Kancho Alfred Bates Judan Hanshi in 1985, primarily as a teaching organisation and to preserve the philosophical and spiritualistic concepts of the Classical Arts of Japan, to be achieved by following and forwarding the principles of KyuShinDo, first outlined by Kenshiro Abe Docho.

It is the specific aim of the TBCI to help and guide each and every student along the path of self enlightenment. We all should strive to realise our maximum potential in all things and one medium through which this can be achieved totally, is through the correct study of Martial Arts. Those that understand, know that, what you can learn through the correct study of Martial Arts, is only a mirror of life itself. Therefore by correct teaching and guidance students are encouraged to achieve aspects that they feel and think are impossible. This is the true nature of Budo.

The study of KyuShinDo is a medium for the true conduct of life. Through this understanding comes social tolerance and hopefully a better world. The founder of the TBCI, Kancho Alfred Bates Judan Hanshi, before his sad passing, put in motion various strategies to ensure the continuation of aims and principles of the TBCI.

The TBCI has seen many changes over the years both in its support and its standing within the field of Martial Arts, but its goals still remain the same. As teachers and students of KyuShinDo we were always told that time moves on and nothing stays the same forever. So it is then that the TBCI moves forward into a new era, continuing the good works already achieved.

Budo Elements


The TBCI was setup to teach all aspects of Japanese Martial Arts.

These include:-





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The TBCI was setup to follow the theory of KyuShinDo

as first detail by 

Kenshiro Abe Docho

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Membership of the TBCI is normally achieved by joining an affiliated club.

Membership is possible for individuals who wish to attend TBCI courses.

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Mission Statement

Every human being has the right and the capacity to attain there full potential. It is the mission of the TBCI to help students reach that potential through the correct study of Martial Arts. 

Therefore the TBCI does not teach any of its disciplines as a sport, but more over, uses them as a vessel to guide individuals and help show them their own possibilities, both physically and mentally. 

It is therefore not preaching any religion or dogma, but is simply a means for individuals to gain knowledge and understanding of life through their own achievements.


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